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As the exam is right around the corner, some information about this site (and what it does and does not do) may be useful. was made by a group of Fifth Form students in 2015. We thought it would be nice to share what we’d learned – it was good revision for the pupils themselves – and to offer a place where other students could share their thoughts about the poems. Thank you to every one of you who has contributed their own thoughts, especially those who disagreed with or expanded on the original interpretation; every new perspective is a help!

It is not, however, the gospel according to Hardy- pupils shared their ideas, but of course there are other interpretations and they are not by any means comprehensive. These are simply a starting point; they will hopefully prompt your own ideas or act as a convenient refresher. Nor is it a place to get your questions answered by the students or teachers who made this site. The students who originally made it are now siting their A-level exams, and while as the teacher I am happy to add the occasional update and improve comments, this is a time for frantically helping my own pupils rather than fielding questions from the internet as a whole.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions- I’ll approve comments throughout the weekend, and hopefully other pupils visiting the site can help you!

Good luck, and I hope this site helps with your final push for revision in some capacity.

We have also added a page with a list of past prompts on each of the Hardy poems that may help you in your revision. It can be found here.

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